Christian Healthcare Sharing Ministries and Programs

3 Program Options - Health Care Sharing

ACA Deadline Has Passed. What's the Effect on Liberty Health Share Members

Affordable Healthcare Options!

Affordable" Shouldn'ʹt Mean an Increase in Costs

Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries

Alternatives to Obamacare: Comparing Samaritan Ministries, Medi-Share, and Christian Healthcare Ministries


Banking on Faith: Cost-Sharing Ministries Offer Obamacare Alternative

California Man Opts Out of Traditional Health Insurance With Alternative Plan

Christian Care Medi-Share Review and Reflections After 2 Years

Christian Healthcare Ministries: An Eligible Option Under the U.S. Affordable Care Act

Christian Health Care Sharing Requires More Than Religion

Christians Save on Health Care by Joining Ministries That Share the Costs

Doctor Impressed With Liberty, Joins

Do You Believe in Health Care Sharing Ministries

Faith-Based Health Care 101

Healthcare-Sharing Ministries: A Christian Alternative To Health Insurance

Health Care Sharing Ministry Members Share Their Experiences

How You Can Dump Obamacare and Get Started with an Affordable Alternative (MediShare Review)

Judge Shuts Down Christian Health Ministry Medi-Share in Kentucky

Medishare Review (2018 Update): The Affordable Alternative to Obamacare

No Faith In Health Reform

Obamacare's Bump: More Christians Now Sharing Health Care Costs

Onward, Christian Health Care

Program Comparison

Religious Exemptions From the Health Care Individual Mandate

Samaritan Ministries

Samaritan Ministries vs Christian Healthcare Ministries

The Key Differences Between Medi-Share and Samaritan Ministries | My Loss is Your Gain

The Pros and Cons of Medi-Share

What Is Christian Medi-Share? Is it Biblical

Why Government Needs to Get Out of Health Care

Medishare vs Samaritan Ministries

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